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Stowe Story Labs helps emerging screenwriters, filmmakers, and creative producers get work made and seen. We do this through labs, workshops, mentoring, writers' retreats, and development programs. We look for good stories worth telling and people demonstrating a collaborative nature and the ability and capacity to do the work, regardless of previous experience. 

Our application aims to learn about you, your work, and your vision for the project you are building. Thank you for considering our programs and for taking the time to apply. 


Our General Application Season for 2024 Narrative Labs, Producers' Lab, Writers' Retreats, and Financial Support is now open. Our early bird deadline is on November 1, 2023. We wish you the best of luck if you choose to apply. You can subscribe to our newsletter here

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Team Story Labs

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Stowe Story Labs is a nonprofit dedicated to helping top emerging screenwriters, filmmakers, and creative producers get work made and seen. Please take a minute and review this note before filling out your application. 

We look for people demonstrating talent, a collaborative nature, a good story worth developing, and the ability to develop the project presented, whether or not they have experience in film or television. We may well reach out with questions as we go through the application process.

This application is for our 2024 two narrative labs, our producers' lab, our four writers' retreats, and our fellowship and scholarship programs. Details about our programs, including our program schedule and template agendas, can be found here under the appropriate program tabs. Details about of fellowships and scholarships can be found here.

Although we charge for our programming, we work to keep the cost of programming as low as possible, and offer dozens of full and partial scholarships and fellowships

Application is for Our Labs and Retreats 

We have one application for our Stowe and Sidewalk Narrative Labs, our Producers' Lab, and our four Writers' Retreats (one online and three in-person). 

On the application, you may rank the programs and fellowships you are most interested in, but we will review your application for all slots and, if you are admitted, we will discuss with you which program might be best. As we review material, we may reach out to ask follow up questions. 

On your application, please feel free to note which fellowship you would prefer, but be aware you will be considered for all fellowships we offer that you would be qualified to receive, not only the one you might prefer to receive.

With that said, although we rely on fees to operate, we do offer as much financial support to our participants as possible. 

This year we will be offering at least 11 fellowships, which cover the fees for the program and other benefits. Each fellowship has its own criteria and benefits. Please check the website for information about each fellowship. 

We also offer full and partial scholarships to help ensure deserving applicants can attend our programs. There is not a separate application process for these opportunities. Our fellowships are awarded based on merit and our scholarships are offered on a blend of merit and need.

If interested in financial support, the application will open questions about financial need.


The fee to attend an in-person four-day Narrative Lab in 2024 is currently set to be $2,650. 

The fee to attend an in-person five-day Writers' Retreat in 2024 is currently set to be $2,850. 

The fee to attend the remote five-day Writers' Retreat in 2024 is currently set to be $1,950.

Fees to all programs include all content and most meals. The fees do not cover travel or lodging.

The fee to attend the Ireland Connemara Writers' Retreat in 2024 is not yet set. In 2023 it was $3,850, which includes the fee plus full room and board. 

Again, for most programs, travel and lodging costs are separate. In all cases we work with lodging partners to secure deep and meaningful discounts to participants (and most include breakfast ...). We keep on the ground costs as low as possible during our programs.

Please note, fees may change based on developing costs. We will notify all applicants of fee or schedule changes if/when they occur. 

Other Notes 

We do not provide feedback on projects through our submission process.

Please familiarize yourself with our programs and fellowships before applying. You can of course reach out to us at if you have questions.

As noted above, we look for talented people - regardless of experience or background - bringing us interesting stories. 

Our mission includes breaking down barriers to entry in this complicated industry. 

Dates and Deadlines

Early Bird Deadline ($45): November 1 (ends midnight US Pacific Time)

Regular Deadline ($50): December 25 (ends midnight US Pacific Time)

Thank you again for taking the time to apply and for trusting us with your work. Please be assured we take the same care of your work and application in the review process as you have put into developing the work and applying.

Best of luck in the process.

Team Stowe Story Labs



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